About DA14531 BLE range ?

1) what's the maximum range we can get if we place the BLE module inside the car ?

2) How to get the best range, please provide link for PCB design guidelines 

3) Enclosure selection for BLE hardware which goes inside the Car

  • Hi amar_22,

    Thanks for posting online. If you mean DA14531 TINY Module, please refer to DA14531 Module Datasheet. The questions are rather generic, and the information you require is obviously dependent on your use case. Answering the question raised according to the datasheet :

    1/ The Tx power can be adjusted between -19 and +2.2 dBm. -93 dBm is the Rx sensitivity.

    2/ For PCB guidelines, please see 8 Design Guidelines in the datasheet. There are no specific guidelines for car-related applications.

    3/ Can you please clarify this?



  • 3) Enclosure selection for BLE based hardware which goes inside the Car, what kind of enclosure is suitable and which is the best place to keep BLE inside the car, we are actually designing BLE based Locking system.

  • Hi amar_22, 

    Sorry for the delay - ex-DLG forums are not ported on RenesasRULZ. 

    As mentioned by one of my colleagues (AA_Dialog) : 

    "Regarding the module, you should keep about 5mm distance from the module's antenna to the enclosure to prevent detuning of the antenna. The enclosure should be made of non conducting material, and you should be careful with black plastic enclosings because sometimes they have carbon inside which might affect the RF signal. Any metal from the car could also potentially shield the RF. Maybe a place in the dashboard (made of plastic) would be a good place."

    With regards to your follow-up question : 

    >>> What will be the approximate BLE range we can get if we keep it inside the car's Dashboard ?

    This depends on your end product and conditions. If you could share more details it would be very helpful to understand your design.