Competition Rules and Regulations


We are redesigning the whole car ( for us it's more a robot ) mechanical and electrical hardware, and we ask a question about a rule. We don't want to be disqualified on a rules  misunderstanding.

It's :

5. The functions of the original car design controlled by the pre-existing RX microcontroller in
the original MCU Car Kit shall not be replaced.


What is "The functions of the original car" ?


Thanks a lot for your explanations.

Best Regards

Xavier Galtier

  • Hi Xavier,

    The 'functions of the original car' that the rule is referring to is the way that the car would function when following the original kit instructions.

    The competition rules, in particular the ones in section 1.2, show the limits of the changes that you can make to the car design whilst still maintaining 'allowed' functionality. These include the fact that the car must be completely self-propelled, must use a maximum of 8 AA batteries, must fit within the maximum dimensions etc.

    The rule 1.2.6 mentions that you can use telemetry, AI, advanced sensing etc. but the other rules about how the car should work should be followed (for example you can't remotely control the car when adding components for telemetry, the car must be autonomous as mentioned in rule 1.2.1).


  • In reply to Jordan Lee:

    Hi Jordan
    Thanks for these informations, we are on the right way.
    Best regards