Telemetry board


Can we use ESP8266 or ESP32 based WiFi boards for telemetry purposes?

  • Hi Savo,

    Just to clarify, the use of complete off the shelf plug and play modules in the competition is not allowed please see section 1.2(6) in the Competition Regulations for further details.


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    Thank you Jordan,

    To clarify completely, for example, is



    or ESP01

    considered "off the shelf plug and play module"?
    If so, does that mean that we develop our own board for some third-party connectivity IC (for example ESP8266 or ESP32)?
    Also, is the use of communication protocols such as MQTT allowed?


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    Hi Savo,

    Yes you are right according to the latest competition regulations V3.1. in section 1.2.

    "The use of complete off-the-shelf plug and play modules is not allowed."

    The components you mentioned above are examples of plug and play modules and therefore cannot be used for the competition.

    3rd party connectivity components can be used as long as they interface with a Renesas MCU (i.e. they cannot use example software/hardware similar to Arduino/Raspberry Pi complete kits).

    MQTT is allowed as there are no restrictions on the communication protocols.


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    Thank you Jordan