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It is possible to create a new project in e2 studio for the development board that we have from the kit? If yes, which are the steps to do it?

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  • "you can create your own code from scratch or continuously
    modify the basic code supplied" (abstacted from "Renesas IDE Installation Manual")
    In this Installation Manual you will also find the steps to do it.
    The Program Explanation Manual also offers you some help.

    hope this will help
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    Dear Artur,

    Thank you for your reply.
    This form of importing the HEW(the 4 provided examples) project in e2 studio and modifying them i learn it from the documents provided but i was wondering if it is possible to create new project from scratch in e2 studio like we did in other IDEs ex. File>new project> ... .

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    Yes, you can.
    Make sure you have installed Renesas Toolchain (should automatically be installed at e2 studio instalation).

    Go to File -> New -> C/C++ Project and select Renesas CC-RX C/C++ Executable Project

    After that put a project name, click Next and here you need to select an target device, which is R5F562GADxFP.

    Here you can personalize some project settings. I recommend you to check Create Debug Configuration. 

    From this click Next to check for other features till the end.

    You might also want to check, but that it's up to your needs.

    After this check the SRC folder.