e2studio with FreeRTOS, RXC Compiler and StateViewer plugin


could anybody tell me how to get the StateViewer plugin in e2studio working together with the Renesas RXC compiler? I have a couple of projects, some of which use the KPIT GNU compiler for the Renesas RX600 series and others use the RXC compiler from Renesas.

I have no problem getting the StateViewer plugin working with the GNU Compiler - howerver with the RENESAS-Compiler the Task- and Queue-Table stays empty. I tried a couple of settings - nothing worked, and unfortunately I couldn't find anyting in the Internet.

Does anyone have a hint what to do? The StateViewer plugin should be the newest (version and I tried a couple of FreeRTOS-Versions including 7.6 and 8.0.0rc. I am using the Renesas toolchain 1.02.01


Thanks in advance,