Does anyone know how to use FreeRTOS on an H8S2378R to develop a user app with GUI on LCD?

Hi, Renesas users.  : )

I'm trying to use FreeRTOS on an H8S2378R to run an application with a GUI, and I have no idea how to begin with the software.

I have the hardware designed (Seiko RA167 WQVGA 4.3" TFT with touch screen, various supporting circuitry), but software's my weak point.

I need to figure out if I can get some software to develop a graphical menu-based application that will run on FreeRTOS and I need to figure out all the hardware requirements of what I want to do so I can specify the external memory in my circuit.

I also need to figure out how to use HEW (or possibly IAR) to put the user app in with the FreeRTOS and get it onto a chip so I can test my design.  I can borrow a TFT Direct Drive Kit YLCDRSK2378 to develop software if that helps, before I lay out the PCB.

I want to work on this quickly, so I don't want to get lost wasting time trying methods that aren't going to work, which I tend to do a lot with software.  I would appreciate any help you can give.

Thanks for your time.