Publishing my FreeRTOS drivers

FreeRTOS users,

I just updated my public git tree with some FreeRTOS related code that people may be interested in:

a) A simple to understand SPI driver without too many layers of abstraction or binary blob libraries

I use this code to drive the LCD and Micron PCM flash.

I need to do a little more work on locking for when two tasks want to use the SPI bus at the same time (stay tuned or subscribe to my github tree).

b) A simple driver for the P5Q Micron PCM, using the above.

c) A fat fs on top of the P5Q PCM, using the above.

d) Mods to the FreeTCP implementation so that the uIP telnetd and shell is running along side the HTTPd.


get the HTTPd reading from the fat fs

finish a FTPD for getting at the fat fs

more fs related shell commands (ls, cat, mv)

maybe a Lua port for rapid prototyping

Unfortunately, I haven't received any word on a redpine WiFi card, so no driver there