Zephyr RTOS

Anyone using Zephyr RTOS for any Renesas boards?

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  • I wonder how far your zephyr port has progressed in the meantime.
    While currently I don't have enough free cycles for a complete port I might be able to help a bit.

  • Zephyr RTOS uses Discord and there is a Renesas tab.  Looks like there has been some work on the RX platform recently.  The main thing is we just need to keep sharing with Renesas that consumers are interested because they believe there isn't significant interest and thus no desire to assist the effort.  The challenge I ran into on the RA platform was getting all the SOC details (Clocks, IRQ, linker, etc) ported in when I didn't understand it all very well at the time.  I ended up just using e2studio and Threadx but I would happily port over to Zephyr if that was an option.  

  • I didn't follow the renesas channel in the past, so I overlooked the message you posted there.
    I only knew about the existing rcar port, will check those existing efforts.