Threadx start order

It appears that threads are started in the order that they appear in the Thread Configuration tab and I cannot determine a way to move them in that window.  Is there a way to set the thread start order?  Changing task priority does not seem to change them and I cannot drag them around.





  • Hi Mike,
    Could you try these :
    1. edit configuration.xml and move the <context id="rtos.threadx.thread.????"> .. </context> to be just below
    <context id="_hal.0">..</context> and lor and behold, that thread becomes the first thread after hal/common ...
    2. add own tx_application_define_user() with a tx_semaphore_prioritize(&g_ssp_common_initialized_semaphore)
    this will re-order threads waiting on that semaphore according to their priority. The highest priority will then be release first.
  • Hello Mike

    Have you tried the suggested solutions? Did any of them help?

    Kind regards,