GR-LYCHEE stops working.

Dear Renesas,

                            My GR-LYCHEE has stopped working. I have refresh the solder of (U1) R7S721030VCFP chip & (U5) W74M64JVSSIQ chip, then board was working correctly for few days. As few days more gone, it begin to give me the problems. when i copy BIN file in MBED drive, it gets stuck for a while. Then it shows text file "fail.txt" with "TIMEOUT" inside. The timeout is referring to what exactly? I can´t find any info your documentation. Please! help me regarding this. If this problem is due to "bin" file which i tried to load inside board or some hardware gitch      

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  • Thanks for your reply. No,board was not working without errors. Yes, this is only error i m encountering, when i copy the bin file. Further, when i refreshed the solder of components, then board began to run correctly. But after 2 days, it again began to give the same error.      

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