SCI works fine in a new project with code generator. In another new project which has FIT too, it doesn't work.

I've been working without FIT for a while but after I learned about it I decided to start a new project with it.

However, I like code generator too, and since I've read here that both of them can be used together, I decided to do so.


In a new project which only has code generator (no FIT), I use it to create a SCI1 and in a while loop in main constantly send data.

It works fine and I can see the data stream perfectly in the scope and the interruptions are being generated.


However, in a new project which contains both code generator and FIT (only the BSP module added), this very same code doesn't work.

No errors, no nothing.

I set the SCI1 the very same way using the code generator as in the other project, but it doesn't work. Somehow, it *seems* (using breakpoints) interruptions aren't being triggered, even though the TX buffers are getting loaded with data.


This is the initialization code for both projects that starts the SCI5.

R_SCI5_Serial_Receive(&Buffer[0], SIZE);


I read a little bit about BSP and do I have to "unprotect" the registers before this initialization?

Or maybe do I have to activate global interrupts or something?

Because in the project with only the code generator, none of that was needed.


Any ideas?


Thanks a lot!