4KB Data Flash Memmory of R5F100ACASP .

I am using reneas RL78/G13 family R5F100ACASP microcontroller , this Microcontroller having 32Kb Program memory (ROM) 2Kb Data Memory


(RAM) and 4Kb of data flash memory i am little bit confuse about this 4Kb data flash memory 

is it RAM or ROM ?

What is the function of this Data flash memory ? why it is used ?

  • Flash is ROM.
    Data flash can be used only to store data, e.g. const data. It cannot be used for program code.
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    Can we store variable in this Data flash Memory space ?
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    can we use this space for char,int and float datatype variable initialization and defination ?
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    If you want to store data in data flash you have to use data flash library (FSL and EEPROM library) because you need flash programming routines to write to data flash.
    You can use it for initialization values for variables.
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    I want to read & write 3500 variable into data flash memory and each variable is one byte is it possible to store that many varible ?
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    It may work if you use pFDL (pico Flash Data Library; FDL T04). But you cannot write variables using variable names. All write is only done to addresses in memory.
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    These 3500 varible comes from PC to R5F100ACASP MCU via UART , Then MCU find Value of Perticuler Varible & Write This value at appropriate location of eeprom , is it possible ?
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