using IAR Tools getting a table to be put in flash

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Im running IAR workbench 3.10.1.  Im trying to get a table put in to flash instead of sram.  I read there was a switch in the IAR tools to have const string go to flash, but I have not been able to find it.  How is this normally done?  Below is how I structured the code.  Does this also need to be done differently?

const uint16_t ui16Table[] = {
0X0020, 0X30C1, 0XC951, 0X0121, 0XF001, 0X0744, 0XFFEE, ... 0XFFFF};


Also will this show up in the map file as const or something like that?

1 237 bytes of readonly code memory
180 bytes of readonly data memory
204 bytes of readwrite data memory (+ 86 absolute)

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  • Hi Matt,

    I'm not familiar with that switch or tool in IAR but maybe you can ideas from this thread

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  • By default const data is placed in the mirror area, which is flash memory.
    But if the array is not being used the linker will delete it. If you define it as __root the linker will always keep it.
    __root const uint16_t ui16Table[] = {0X0020, 0X30C1, 0XC951, 0X0121, 0XF001, 0X0744, 0XFFEE, 0XFFFF};
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    Hi Frank and JB,

    So I gave __root a try and it looks like its placing the into ram.  Im using the 1026AA part.  Ram begins at 0xFF900, and the map files has my table starting at 0xff900.

    Should I be doing anything else when specifying the __root? Thanks you guys!!





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    __root has nothing to do with data placement. __root is only used that the linker does not remove this data when it thinks it is not being used.
    Placement is defined by const.
    I would need to see the complete project for some further proposals.
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    Hi Frank,

    Sorry I misunderstood what you were saying about __root.

    Do you have a place I can email you the project or prefer another method?

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    Have you found a solution to your issue?

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