Memory map file in HEW


I want to know where/how the memory map file analogous to LDF in other IDE's is generated in HEW .

I am using SH72531 and E10A USB EMULATOR.

I want to check the memory mapping as given in the SH72531 datasheet.





  • You ask for a memory map file or a LDF file?
    My understanding is that a map file is a linker output file, a LDF file is a linker input file (command file).
    A map file can be output when you enable list file generation in the linker options.
    By default the Renesas SH compiler does not use a LDF file. The memory map is defined as command line options.
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    Hi Frank,

    Thank you for the information.

    Can you provide me with the command to set the memory map or command to see the default memory mapping .


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