How to get the "BLE Virtual UART Application" enter the Virtual UART Mode directly in the code?


I want to use the RL78/G1D to realize SPP function, but I haven't succeeded in modifying BLE Virtual UART Application. I don't know how to switch BLE to Virtual UART Mode directly in the program. Please give me some guidance.



  • Hi Qiang,

    Any updates with your concern? What do you mean by "modifying BLE Virtual UART Application"? Maybe you should explain more what are you planning to do. Meanwhile, maybe these user manuals can help you start with your idea.

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    hi JB

    Thank you for your reply. I'm sorry I haven't made a clear description of my problem.

    We are studying a product in advance which need to sent about 128Mbytes or more data through BLE to the mobile phone or PC as soon as possible, but when we use in the CSCP demo routines, founding that the transmitted amount of data is too small, the transmission need a very long time, therefore, we hope to sent data by the way of Transparent transmission to increase the amount of data transmitted.

    My question is how can I jump the Simple AT Command Mode to the Virtual UART Mode?
    Look forward to getting your advice


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    Hi Qiang,

    If I understand correctly, you wish to switch between the Simple AT Command mode and Virtual UART mode using the VUART specific stack for the G1D?

    If so that information can be found in the first link that JB provided, the Virtual UART Application Note. In chapter 3 it states "A user can switch the application modes by ESC key (ASCII: 0x1B) through a terminal software."

    Once you have used the Simple AT commands to configure your connection send the G1D the ESC character to place it into the Virtual UART mode. Keep in mind that sending another ESC character will automatically place the device back into Simple AT Command mode.

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    Has your question been answered?

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