RL78 smart lock reference design.

I am looking at RL78 based smart lock reference design. I want to know if this design is proven in field. What is the battery life, if i use it in battery application. I see the discrete H-bridge will be always leak current in from the battery hence this question.


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  • Hi Vassu,

    RL78 Smart Lock user manual doesn't provide any information regarding the total power consumption of the design. So we cannot really have a clue how long the battery would last unless we try it personally. The only thing that they mentioned is that the design uses 3 AAA batteries to supply the whole circuit. But the battery life, of course, will also depend on the battery that you will use. Best thing to do to estimate the power consumption is to check individually the devices being used in the design and see the individual power consumption. But I assume that the design doesn't consume too much power since they have designed it to operate with just 3 AAA batteries.

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