Create New CCRX Project - Use "Smart Configurator", "Use Peripheral Code Generator", "Use FIT Module", or Nothing at all

Q1. When I create a new CCRX executable project for RX64M, how come in the Select Coding Assistant settings, only "Smart Configurator" is available, and the other two options are greyed out?

Q2. If I create a project for RX110, it is the reverse case: "Smart Configurator" is greyed out, and the other 2 options are available. This I can understand, it is because SC does not support RX110. But my question really is:

Q2.1 If I don't choose any of the two options, in the Project Explorer, there is a folder "generate"? What is this folder for?

Q2.2 If I choose "Use FIT Module", there is only "src" folder. How come there is no "generate" folder?

Q2.3 If I choose "Use FIT Module", and add r_bsp, two folders will be created "r_bsp" and "r_config". Some files in "r_bsp\board\rskrx110\" also appear in Q2.1 (above) "generate" folder. Why is this so? Are these files minimum requirement to start a C project for a RSK?