How to connect to M16C R5F3640DNFB correctly?

Hello dear friends, all happy New Year.

I need your help. I bought a new MCU M16C R5F3640DNFB, and I want to program it, but I do not know how to properly connect it to the E8A, which ones do I need to use the contacts from the E8A and which contacts should I use on the MCU itself? how can I connect everything correctly? I want to program it separately from the device, I will be very grateful to you for any answer, thanks.

Can I use this circuit to record a new MCU?


  • Hi Gringo,

    I presume, you already have a breakout board for your MCU? Please mount your MCU first on a breakout board before trying that example of E8a connection.

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  • Hi JB, so I asked how can I write a new MCU as correctly I need to do, can I look at this circuit what I showed and in this scheme for programming my MCU E8A?
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