TEC/REC sets immediately coming out of RESET mode

Hello All,

I am writing CAN driver code for "transmission Polling" for sh72531.

In this code, I am sending 1 byte over ID 174 with all interrupts in disable mode.


Problem statement = when TXPR is set to 1, ABACK sets instead of TXACK (TEC/REC sets to 1(8000h)).

First in reset mode MCR0 =1 , I configured all registers in reset mode.

Then after coming out of reset mode, I configured TX mode(event - triggered mode CMAX = 111) , In this , I made TXPR1[15 bit]= 1 ..for transmission over MB31. 

then I check for TXACK bit for 1. But it is observed that instead of TXACK1[15], ABACK1[15] gets set. (Immediately TEC/REC becomes 8000h).


Quick reply is highly appreciated.


Thank you