How to see compiler output

Does somebody know how to see the generated code for a line or function without having to flash the CPU?

I am missing in e2studio a feature I have often used in Hew + M16C Simulator: write some C code, compile, and see immediately the translated machine code. In Hew there were 3 buttons on top of the edit window: "Source", "Mixed" and "Assembler": I used it lots of times to optimize code or confirm that translation was correct.

I know I can see the disassembly window while debugging, but for some projects the simulator simply crashes and is unusable. Even when it seems to work, there are severe limitation making it impractical to use it for anything useful, but this is a different matter.

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    Temporary *.lst and *.s files in HardwareDebug/Release folders are usually containing compiler-generated assembler code in raw (*.s) and marked up (*.lst) representatons. May it help you at least?

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    Thank you, I am aware of this, and actually I use it sometimes, but it is quite uncomfortable, at least when compared to the HEW environment functionality. Better than nothing, anyway.
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    Has your question been answered?

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    Hi Mike,

    no, not really answered. The Hew IDE had an important feature: once the project was compiled, you could navigate anywhere in the source, and switch to a mixed "C source/machine code" view, useful to see what was really happening. I corrected many mistakes by looking at the compiler-generated code. In e2studio I miss that.

    Thank you anyway, regards.
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