RFP V2 scripting


I need to launch and program 78K0/KC2 512 microcontrollers with MINICUBE2 from an external aplication.

I was using QBP progammer baut I have not found nothing in the user manual about scripting.

The renesan flash progammer V.02.05 has a chapter (4) that talks about SCRIPT EXECUTION FUNCTION.

To get stated I have followed the steps:

1- I have written a batch file, example.bat with the next code:

"c:\Archivos de programa\Renesas Electronics\Programming Tools\Renesas Flash Programmer V2.05\RFP.exe" \silent "c:\Documents and Settings\elanda\Mis documentos\EIDER\Touch\UI_sTOOLS\CVI_RECONFIGURE_TOUCH_CONTROLS\sample.rsc”
ECHO Result Code: %ErrorLevel%

2- I have writte a sample.rsc file that is located in the same folder as the example.bat file

//Sample script file
log "c:\Documents and Settings\elanda\Mis documentos\EIDER\Touch\UI_sTOOLS\CVI_RECONFIGURE_TOUCH_CONTROLS\sample.log"
workspace "C:\Documents and Settings\elanda\Configuración local\Datos de programa\Renesas Flash Programmer\V2.05.03\78K0KC2\78K0KC2.rws"
programfile "c:\Documents and Settings\elanda\Mis documentos\EIDER\Touch\UI_sTOOLS\CVI_RECONFIGURE_TOUCH_CONTROLS\SOFTWARE FABRICACION\XL_UI_07_F06_S01_0xefa.a26"

3- When I execute the example.bat file I always get the [Welcome!] dialog box.

I will also like to include as a parameter the software to be programmed.

Could you help me please?