Difference in expected and actual baud rate after register settings in SCIF


I measured the baud rate using oscilloscope for the SCIF2 interface and found the difference as following:


Expected baud rate: 115200 bps ( pulse width of a bit should be approx 8.6 uS)

Measured baud rate: 111111 bps (pulse width of a bit approx 9 uS)


Even with this I am getting correct data on the terminal. Will it make any problem?

The register settings are as below for Asynch mode:

CKS = 00 (66.67 MHz)

BGDM = 0, ABCS = 0

BRR = 17

I calculated the error % using the formula given in data sheet which comes as 0.47 which is < 1. According to data sheet this should be fine. But I am not sure if such huge difference will make any issue or not.


Please suggest any body.