E8a connect H8S2398F20

Hi everybody,

     Please guide me how to connect the E8a to the H8S2398. I used FDT 4.09 to load the program but failed to boot. Thank you

  • Hi Leson,

    Have you found a way to get it work?

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    RES----->RESET (Pin 13)
    RxD1----->RxD (Pin 11)
    TxD1----->TxD (Pin 5)

    I have connected myself as schematics but FDT still did not find H8S2398. The E8a's manual does not indicate how to connect to the H8S2398 / 2357. Please tell us how to connect to H8S2398
    Thank you
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    Your error indicates that the board you are connecting to is externally powered.
    The tool is expecting it to be unpowered.

    Mike Clements
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    Thank you for the reply
    Using E8a connection failed, I switched to RS232 interface FDT error message "Failed to download the micro-Kernel" please guide me how to edit file "uGen2398.cde"

    Clock Frequency (External) = 20.0000MHz, Clock Mode = 0, CKM = 1, and CKP = N/A
    Connecting to device 'H8S/2398F' on 'COM1'
    'BOOT Mode' connection - using emulated interface
    Opening port 'COM1' ...
    Loading Comms DLL
    Loaded Comms DLL
    Initiating BOOT SCI sequence
    Attempting 9600
    Received immediate response from device: 0xAA
    Using micro-Kernel : 'C:\Program Files\Renesas\FDT4.09\kernels\ProtB\2398\Renesas\1_1_00\uGen2398.cde'
    Downloading and verifying micro kernel...
    Error No 15009: Failed to download the micro-Kernel
    Error No 15019: Download() failed
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    Have you succeeded in connecting to your H8S2398?

    Mike Clements
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