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Hi all,

I'm here to signal a possible bug of e2studio with RX architectures.

Here is the problem. Tipically in my projects I have a Debug and a Release build configuration, differing by the fact that the Release one generates an executable file that is later merged with a loader executable. Therefore, sections are allocated differently.

Often I need to make a special-purpose release version, with some extra macros and/or different compiler switches. To do this I use the Build Configurations -> Manage... context menu item and choose to clone the Release Build configuration.

What I noticed is that "Release" is correctly cloned, except for one fact: the linker script is taken from "Debug". Currently I am using e2studio 5.4. I had a similar problem with older versions too, but formerly the linker script wasn't created at all, and I was immediately conscious of what happened. Now, instead, everything seems to work well, until I try to program the new firmware, that does not work properly (actually, I get a warning while merging the two executables, that of the firmware and the one of loader).



  • Hi Giovanni,

    Thanks for the report. Hopefully the developers can investigate this as soon as possible.

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