e2Studio 6.0: Project does not rebuild if only headers change

Using e2studio 6.0, we discovered that the projects are not built if only a header file changes. The build completes imediately with 'Build complete' without rebuilding the files which depend on the changed header.

We already had contact with the renesas support, however they just answered with "sorry, the option "Dependency Scan" (Project Properties -> C/C++ Build -> Dependency Scan" seems no longer to be available in e2Studio 6.

Is there a workaround for this?

First, this "Bug" is very annoying as it happens a lot that you just miss that the compiler has not recompiled your project. The second point is that a full rebuild (clean & build) is required. And last but not least, this can lead to dangerous situations where you change a #define in a header but the change is not propagated to all .c files, but only the ones you edited.

  • Hi Jrast,

    Hopefully you've already found another way to atleast compensate this issue. It seems that the forum still doesn't have the alternative solution for this issue. Please wait a little longer, maybe someone who've already experienced this one can help you. Hope you understand.

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    The current workaround currently is "remember if you have changed a header, if so, do clean & build" which is realy not a solution. Either our project is seriously misconfigured or this is a bug of e2studio 6, which will hopefully be addressed as soon as possible!

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