Is it possible to use LCD controller /driver to drive the 7 segment display?

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I am using R78/I1C micro controller in my project. Due to less port pins availability i want to use LCD controller/driver. Is it possible to drive the 7 segment display using inbuilt LCD controller/driver. Please assist me with proper solution.



  • Which kind of 7 segment display? A LCD with some digits is 7 segment format? That's what the LCD controller is made for . examples are in chapter 21.10
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    Thank for the reply Frank.....Actually I am not using the segmented type LCD (A LCD with Digits)....I am using a normal 7 segment display (4 digit display) which has 8 segment lines and digit select line to select the particular digit.
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    But it is a LCD?
    Then it should work. Connect the SEG outputs to the display segment lines and the COM lines to the digit select lines.
  • Prashant,

    Did you get your 7 segment display working?

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  • Yes Frank, I thought in same manner . I connect segment output to Segments of display and common signal for the disgit selection. But it is not working. Can u provide me information about how to configure the LCD driver of RL/78 for the purpose to drive 7segment display( I mean to say configuration of LCD driver).
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    No it's not working.
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    Do you have a part number for you 7 segment display?

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  • hello sir,

    we are using SUNROME make 7 segment display which has part no is SUNR 036CA with renesas controller IC R5F102A8 .

    i wanted to know about its enviromentalwise circuit means how it should be. and we are facing problem with this display some time.

    if you have any technical support please share us contact details for the further discussion.