E1/E2/E2 Lite

We are developing using an RX63N specifically the R5F563NF.


The New E2 says it can program/download up to twice as fast but it depends on processor and the way you are using it.  We are using the E1 at the moment for debugging using Jtag, Is there any benefits to using the E2 or E2 lite.



  • E2 Lite is marketed as being more economical than E1 and at the same time designed to be compatible and connectable to boards designed for the E1 emulator.

    Theres actually a performance property comparison on the different debuggers, you might want to check it out and see the difference in numbers between E1/E2 and E2 light to what mcu you are using


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    I saw that and it wasn't as helpful as at first appears. The foot notes for the E2 lite for hot plug say an optional adapter is required for the E1. This is probably an over zealous cut and paste and also applies to the E2 lite as main page for the E2 lite mentions an adpater

    The Serial interface is potentially 4 times slower on the E2 lite as it only uses single wire, however this is dependent on processor and I think I found something for this but now can't which states the RX63N uses the SCI and doesn't mention 4 wire at all.

    In short is the E2 just a cost reduced E1 that runs slower. But may not necessarily run slower on my processor and may not be any different in jtag mode anyway.

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