Stack pointer interrupt

Will INTSPM (Stack Pointer interrupt) generates RESET ?... If so, then is there any way to confirm that INTSPM is the reason for RESET ?  for example, the way  RESF register provides for RESET due watchdog (INTWDTI).

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    I'm not sure if this will help but I found this resource:

    I don't think it'll be helpful because the internal code for that function just refers to RESF. However, the lack of documentation about INTSPM generating a RESET makes me think that it does not.

    Just curious, why do you ask? You may get more responsiveness from the forum if people understand the intent behind the question as well.


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  • Hi PRATI19,
    Due to stack overflow / underflow, it is possible that the return address from a function becomes illegal and CPU runs out (=WDT reset).
    Check the behavior by setting SPOFR and SPUFR with a margin of about 10 bytes for the stack area.

    > Will INTSPM (Stack Pointer interrupt) generates RESET ?
    No, it will not.
  • Hi PRATI19,
    In order to isolate the problem, try setting to stop WDT.
    WDT can be stopped by setting option-byte address 0x000C0 to value 0xEF.
  • PRATI19,

    Have you been able to determine if this error is originating with the watchdog timer or a stack over/under flow?
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