Error compiling s124 Synergy Project

Description Resource Path Location Type
FWiNV1R1.elf section `.bss' will not fit in region `RAM' FWiNV1R1 C/C++ Problem
make: *** [FWiNV1R1.elf] Error 1 FWiNV1R1 C/C++ Problem
recipe for target 'FWiNV1R1.elf' failed makefile /FWiNV1R1/Debug line 75 C/C++ Problem
region `RAM' overflowed by 16304 bytes FWiNV1R1 C/C++ Problem


i'm using 2 R_IIC Thread, 2 UART TX Thread, 2 UART RX Thread, 2 SCI_SPI Thread, 1USBX Thread and a statemachine Thread and their stack size (byte) are 1024,256,512,512,512,512,512,256, 1024 and 512 respectively . kindly suggest me main stack size and Heap size please.