USB Host for Bluetooth Dongle

Hi to anyone,

Can someone explain me if there is a USB Host from Renesas for Bluetooth dongles?



  • Are you looking for a "USB Host" or a "Bluetooth dongle"?
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    I am looking for a embedded "USB Host" stack that can communicate with bluetooth HCI.

    Because here
    they showing different driver (MSC.CDC and HID ) but I dont think they will support "Bleutooth Devices".
    Or I am totally wrong?

  • In reply to Andi:

    You are correct, Renesas does not supply a USB software stack for Bluetooth (non-Linux). You would have to use a module solution with a simplified interface.

    Your only other option is to use Linux and then the Bluetooth chip providers usually provide a device driver and you can use BlueZ for the networking protocol stack.
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    Do you know a good embedded USB Host wich I can use for my purpose?

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