Build: Generating makefile very, very slow

I have moved a SH2A project from the HEW to the e2studio (Version 4.x and now to the latest version 5.3). The project includes about 750 files and is building fine so far...also the incremental build is working.

But one thing on the build process is very annoying. Each time a build is started the makefile is generated and this process is very, very slow (for our project it takes about 2 minutes). This also happens if there is nothing to build (no source file has changed). I could of course disable the generation of the makefile in project settings to speed up the build process, but this could be risky, if after some changes the build is not done the correct way.

Is there a way to speedup the generating of the makefile ? In my estimation the generation of the makefile should be much faster (for example in the HEW a build process started immediately and I guess the HEW also used some kind of "internal" makefile to check the dependencies).

  • Roland,

    Sorry you're seeing this issue.

    Your comment on whether the makefile is regenerated if there are no changes to the project:

    Couple of things...I'm wondering if this is due to the fact that the makefile is always generated as a matter of course. Also CDT may not be completely tracking the changes and assumes it always needs to be generated which causes unnecessary slowdowns. This could be the source of the slowdown because the makefile generation is doing the dependency checking and/or other things.

    Does the same thing from running make from the command line? Make should be handling the rebuild unless CDT is deleting object files before hand for some reason.

    If you can happen to try this, it might help shed some light on the issue at hand.

  • I'm sorry but I believe when using SH-2A the better environment is HEW.
  • @FrankL,

    Fair point. HEW does have better support for the SH2A device platform. We might want to know however if this could occur on other supported platforms on the tool, hence the questions for investigation.

    Easy workaround here is to stick with HEW if this is a critical issue.

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    Thanks for your reply

    Sorry not to answer your first reply... had a wrong setup in the notification settings. I will try that in the next few days.

    It seems so... At the moment we use the e2studio to edit the project files (the editor integrated in the HEW is far away form a modern editor like found in the e2studio) and the HEW to compile/debug. The idea to use only the e2studio was to minimize the overhead for maintenance a project on each development platform and not to switch between HEW<->e2studio in case of compilation errors.

    I still guess there is some potential to speed-up the build process, if at least building of the makefile could be much faster (I don't see any reason why it is so slow, except of a bad implementation of the "scanner" which goes trough each file to get the dependencies), this would be a step forward.
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    Hi Roland,
    I had (nearly) the same problem with E2studio 3- 4-5. The project was build completely every time. It seems hard to find what the reason is. I use the old E2studio 2.2. Works perfect. I debug (SH2A) with HEW. Maybe you can give it a try.
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    Hi Dig... The incremental build is working... Only the fact, that the creation of the makefile takes so long is annoying (all other things work well... debugging, editing support, etc.).
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    Hello everyone,

    I'd like to second Roland's request to resolve this issue. I also have a project that includes a large number of files, and builds in e2studio are excruciatingly long. I've also considered using HEW instead, but choose not to for the same reasons Roland points out.

    I look forward to any developments resolving this issue.

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    I can not understand why RENESAS ignore this point over years now.
    It should possible to speed up tis point.
    Many users waiting for improvements .

  • The "Enable parallel build" is available to speed things up. Have you enabled this?

    See C/C++ Build ==> Behavior.

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    Yes, "parallel build" is enabled... I also believe generating the makefile (the real bottle neck) does not benefit of the parallel build option (confirmed that with the process explorer).
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    Has your question been answered?

    Mike Clements
    RenesasRulz Moderator
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    Hello Mike,
    Unfortunately not... It seems Renesas found an easy way to solve the (annoying) problem... They removed the support of the SH device family in the new e2studio V6.0.0
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    I've got the same/similar problem.
    Moved from E2studio 5.4 to V6.0 and the problem appeared.
    The makefile generation blocks for a few minutes. My project is for an RX130, using the Renesas RX compiler V2.6.
    It consists of roughly 60 C source files in various folders and sub-folders. C++ not used.
    I had to move back to V5.4 and the build works normally again.
    I haven't tried whether a new project setup works in V6.0 compared to a converted project from V5.4 to V6.0.

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    This thread will be archived due to inactivity.

    Mike Clements
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