WDT restarting uc


I'm using RX63T 144 micro controller.
I enabled WDT, WDT is restarting the uc frequently. WDT restart the uc only if Count goes limit. After from this any other case WDT restart uc.

  • Did you check how often WDT overflow occures?
    You could configure WDT to trigger an interrupt instead of RESET and toggle a port every time WDT interrupt occures.
    Then you can check which interval your WDT requires.
    Please make sure you don't use long interrupt routines. Many people tend to add also data processing functions to their interrupt routines (e.g. decoding of received data in an UART receive interrupt). In such case interrupt functions take a long time to execute, and if they are triggered shortly before the WDT refresh is scheduled, this may well be the reason why the WDT is NOT reset in time.
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    Mike Clements
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