Need some help on the RX111 (EVBRX111-EVE board)

Hello everybody,

my name is marlon, 25y old, and i study currently information and engineering in hamburg, germany.

i m a bloody beginner to µc-programming so aswell setup understanding.

My Main problem is to get the EVBRX111-EVE board in connection with the E2studio, better said: to enable the E1 onboard Emulator to get respones on debuging.

What have i tryd so far:

  1. Installed E2studio
    1. Created a C-Project with the specific Rx111 (R5F51115ADFM, E1(RX), HardwareDebug, Debug using Simulator)
    2. Implemented a Fit-module (r_cmt_rx, r_bsp) and wrote code to simply set a random Port on 0x01.
    3. Connected the Board to my Computer (USB boot mode) and got my first porblem: Windows could not find the driver
      1. Found after Hours the ''Renesas Flash Programmer'' with integrated USB -Drivers. Installed these and went back into E2studio.
    4. Build (Hardware Debug) my Project and Debugged (with the default options)
      1. the Errormessage: FATAL ERROR (GDB Server): can not connect to the emulator got my cursed friend after that
  2. Started Renesas Flash Programmer V2.05
    1. Created a new Workspace (basic, generic boot device (Group:RX), and took on the ''Communication Interface'' Window : USB direct.
    2. ''Project Settings'' - default
    3. the connection completed, so i tryed to debug on the E2-studio again. No success!

There are no Tutorials, no help in forums and no Documentations on the RX111 or the Evaluation Board. The givin Manual is qutily useless and to small to even recognize the schematic diagram.

Can someone explain to me, how to get in connection with the EVBRX111-EVE (integradted E1 Emulator)  board and E2studio?

Thanks alot. greetings Marlon


  • Sorry to hear you're having problems, man.  

    I've been working with various microcontrollers over the years but had trouble getting even their demo problems to work.  I came in here for support a handful of times and got basically zero support.  If you're new, I honestly recommend you reconsider Renesas as a starting platform.  Their documentation is poor and their support appears to be just as bad.  Consider looking at 8 bit Atmel microcontrollers (Atmega and Attiny chips).  There's lots of examples and tutorials at avrfreaks (you can google it, I probably can't post the link).  If you're just starting though, I think Renesas is probably not a great starting point and I've seen not seen much interest on their end to try and keep people using their platform.  

    Good luck!

  • I don't know your EVBRX111-EVE, so I cannot comment this. This is a board coming from distributor Glyn.

    About your new project, I would NOT recommend to use FIT modules as a beginner. FIT may be quite powerful on higher levels like implementing communication protocols (Ethernet, USB, IrDA), but the code generator in e2 studio or Applilet as external tool ( are much easier to use for basic processor configuration.

    Which e2 studio version and which compiler (incl. version) do you use? I would recommend to use latest e2 studio with Renesas CC-RX compiler V.2.04.01.

    When you create a RX111 preoject in e2 studio select "Use Peripheral code Generator". This will add a utility that lets you easily configure your RX111 peripherals.

    And I believe the EVBRX111 should have been delievered with some sample code. Have you tried this out?

    About your board connection, "USB Boot Mode" is a processor mode to be used with a flash programming tool like FDT or RFP. It is NOT used with the debugger in e2 studio. The connection in USB boot mode by-passes any E1, which could be on EVBRX111. When you use USB Boot MOde you can NOT use the debugger.

    Could it be you use the wrong USB connector? The board should have at least 2 connectors, one for RX111 and the other one for E1. When you connect the board to your PC using the E1 USB connector, the Windows Device Manager should show a group "Renesas Emulator" with some Renesas or Hitachi USB driver listed there. When you see this and RX111 is NOT in any boot mode I think you should be able to start your debugger.



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