Is GR_KAEDE comaptible with high torque servo motors? How to interface the servos ?

Hi Sir,

My project will involve the usage of high torque servo motors. As they require external power supply to operate and PWM signal from board. 

So, my question is, wont there be any current or voltage drop while I do so?.

Is there any standard library for servos to simplify the code?

Will there be any system impact on the performance, while I play with logics around servo motors ?

Please solve my query...!!

  • Hi SHA2NK,

    Give specification about your high torque servo motors. How many Kg/cm(torque) servo motor used in your project ?

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    hi, I would like to interface two  servo of torque around it possible to do with GR-KAEDE?

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    Hi SHA2NK

    I wonder I could understand your question correctly...

    From where do you get the power for servo motors ? If its power is supplied from GR-KAEDE (+5V pin), current or voltage drop can be occurred. This issue depends on the power (torque) of servo motors. I think motor needs large power so I suggest to use external power supply (ex. some battery) for servo motors.

    About PWM pin, you can connect GR-KAEDE7s pin to servo signal pin directly.

    And about the software library, "SERVO" library like Arduino is supported. See

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