e2Studio and SH2E CPU

How is possible to override the GCC default compiler directive -m2 to -m2e ? I have a SH7058 CPU. I use KPIT Toolchain. If I put extra option "-m2e" the command line wil be "-m2e ........ -m2", I can't remove m2 ! The CPU I can choose are only SH2(-m2)  and SH2A(-m2a), but gcc, as is documented, also supports HS2E (-m2e). Someone has suggestions ?

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  • I think the proposal should be: use HEW with GCC for SH2E. As far as I know only SH2 and SH2A are supported with e2studio as only for the CPU exist debug solutions in e2studio.

  • This thread will be archived because it references a deprecated version of the IDE.

    Mike Clements
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