HEW vs e2studio

Hi All,

I'm trying to determine the pros/cons for using HEW vs using e2studio. Anyone care to share opinions?

  • e2studio is brand new. i prefer to use hew for now. But if you prefer to use foc environment go for e2studio.

  • In reply to burky:

    HEW is as much foc as is e2studio. The selection depends more on the processor used.

    For RX you can use both, RL78 use e2studio, M16C/R8C/R32C/H8 use HEW.

    HEW had a longer time to fix bugs, so it may be more stable.

    HEW may support some more debugger functions than e2studio.

    e2studio has the better editor than HEW.

    New developments will be done for e2studio (and CubeSuite+), not for HEW.

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