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Dear all,

I experienced that the build of an old prj imported in the updated version ( fails.
The prj has been built successfully with all previous versions.

The problem is due to wrong command passed to gcc : command contains option "-x c++" instead of "-x c". Files with names longer than 8 characters are converted to upper case letters. The extension .C is recognized as C++ source file.

Any sugestion is appreciated

thank you



  • Hello,

    gcc treats file extensions in case sensitive manner. So you need just to rename files: replace upper case "C" with lower case "c".

    Here is the list of supported extensions:

  • Thank you Maxim Salov for replying.

    I will try to describe the problem more clearly.
    The problem is not ne name of source files.
    All my files names are lower case: eg "mysourcefilename.c".
    Only when I build the project with in the console window I see the following command:

    make all

    'Scanning started:


    'Invoking: Compiler'

    rx-elf-gcc -Wa,-adlhn="MYSOUR~1.lst" .... -g2 -g -mbig-endian-data -mcpu=rx200 -nofpu -c -x c++ -o "Sources/mysourcefilename.o" "C:\MyPrj\PRODUC~1\MYSOUR~1.C"

    where I omitted some options.

    In previous versions of E2S the command was:

    'Invoking: Compiler'

    rx-elf-gcc -Wa,-adlhn="mysourcefilename.lst" .... -g2 -g -mbig-endian-data -mcpu=rx200 -nofpu -c -x c -o "Sources/mysourcefilename.o" "C:\MyPrj\ProductFiles\mysourcefilename.c"

    this is the right command

    is there a way to fix this wrong behavior? this version makes use of the DOS format for files, why?

  • Roberto,

    Try updating your e2studio and the compiler.  The new RX-Gcc compiler is rev 12.03 and the e2studio update is available for the version below.

    e2studio Version:

    Parts Copyright (C) 2010-2012 Renesas Electronics Corp.

    All rights reserved.

    When i compile I see the full file name and not the old DOS format version.

  • This thread will be archived because it references a deprecated version of the IDE.

    Mike Clements
    RenesasRulz Moderator