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I imported a project from HEW (with Renesas toolchain) to the e2studio IDE and almost everthing is working fine. But building the project last much more longer in e2studio compared with the build process in HEW because e2studio is always re-compiling all files even if they were not changed. HEW is compiling only changed files and therefore it builds faster. I guess it is only a matter of configuration.

Does somebody know how to get the same build performance than in HEW.

Many thanks in advance.



  • have you tried the latest version of e2studio yet?

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    I used Renesas e2studio and it takes about 10 minute to compile:

    took 10m:33s.149ms

    while HEW is much much faster.

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    I have found the same problem.

    I use the same toolchain and it takes more compilation time for e2studio than HEW for the same project.

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    Hi Martin,

    I saw something about improving build speed in the release notes (quoted below):

    If you are experiencing slow building of projects within e2studio there are some possibilities to improve.

    The system environment will attempt to find the make.exe tool via the system environment. If you ensure the directory make resides in is at the start of the path variable it will find it

    more quickly. Especially important if there are network drives in the path.

    In the project properties, C/C++ Build tab, Behaviour tab you can switch on parallel build. This will take advantage of the multi-cores on your host machine if it has them.


    Also, you can change how often e2studio builds the libraries under Project > Properties > C/C++ Build > Settings > Standard Library > Mode.



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    To speedup the loading of e2studio,

    just add


    to your e2studio.ini: it will cutdown your startup time (this will tell the VM not to validated all the .class files).

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    Martin included in his post the following statement (and I and everyone else apparently experience this until they find the correct way to override e2_stuio's poor choice default behavior, which to my knowledge hasn't been found or posted to Rulz):

    "because e2studio is always re-compiling all files even if they were not changed'

    Your suggestions, so far, seem to avoid altogether addressing this cause.

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    I found a way: add two files inside your project:



    The files have one single cr/lf (0x0d 0x0a) inside, after that the incremental buil works magically :-)

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