LIN bus, can I get started for less than $650?

I'm considering my first LIN bus based project, and I'm wondering how to get started. The RX Renesas Starter Kit (RSK) looks attractive initially, but it's a bit dear. I would need two kits to develop a bus solution, and each kit would cost me (here in Europe) $225 + $75 + VAT (which I can claim back) + fee from courier for collecting VAT (which I can't get back). The kit also includes an e8a, but I already have one of those. Any suggestions?

  • R8C/25 and most other R8C chips have hardware LIN.

    Here's an option that might be less expensive - although the pins could be hard to access:

    Almost any other R8C/2x, R8C/L3x or R8C/3x platform would work.

    Another option is to make a board like the one from DJ Delorie - just request chip samples from Renesas. And buy one E8A.

  • I reckon it always easiest to start with a working solution and to then work towards my goal until I'm confident that I know what bits of the hardware I need in my final solution. If I don't buy a starter kit I would just go for a first pass at my target hardware. Although some of your suggestions are for cheap hardware, they don't seem to include LIN transceivers.

  • You are correct, since neither of these include transceivers. However, the transceiver isn't a requirement for lab-testing the LIN bus and associated software drivers, stacks, etc.

    I did a check just now on the R8C/25 kits on Digikey. You can get two of the $225 kits for the


    for less than $650.

  • Testing without transceivers would be a bit of a concern for me as I would have to rig up some sort of circuitry to drive and monitor a single wire bus. I've also discovered that the kits are available in europe for 144 euros, and that makes them quite a lot cheaper for me.

    Some helpful chap at Renesas was monitoring this thread and has given me information on the schematics, so I can roll my own hardware with some more confidence. I haven't tried compiling the sample code, but at least I have it!

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