Information and source code to program SD card.

I found the attached document that explains how to use the SD card including source code. Just need to port this to the RX platform. If anyone has already done this, it would be helpful to post your code. Otherwise when I get mine working I will post it.

  • Mikeh9,

    Take look at the attached file.  Hope this helps.

    Abstract: File r/w on SD using TFAT and MMC driver over SCI/RSPI. Currently for RSK610 and RDK(62N)
  • I have dowloaded the code & compiled it but i am not able to download it into the evaluation board, since i am using KPIT GNURX ELF Tool chain. Can we change the tool chain & compile it? Please help..

    Thank you...

  • What's stopping you from downloading the code, just because you compiled it with gcc?

  • when i tried to connect it is saying communication error..

  • Ok, what are you using to download it?  E1?  J-Link?  RX/USB?  Although, those should all work with gcc-compiled code - I use all those with gcc.

  • I am using Seger Jlink to download the code. but the zip file code consist of RX tool chain so when i connect it says comminication error.

  • Can you download anything else with j-link?  Others have had the occasional communications error (usually caused by incorrect DIP switch settings), but so far none of the problems were caused by the compiler used.

  • Yes i can download the sample code provided. All these sample codes are using KPIT GNRC ELF tool chain . This toll cgain is created at the begining while creating the workspace.

    so after compilation is connecting & downloading the code also to the RDK board.

  • It is working... i am able to load the code in the RDK board...

    thanks ..

    but i am not able to find the R_tfat_f_open fucntion  source code..

    Where will i find it ..?


  • The R_tfat_f_xxx functions are part of the library and are not provided in source code.  You can look at the header file r_tfat_lib.h to see how the public API functions are used.

  • I have also had problems using the rx62n_rdk_sd_driver library with the RX62NRDK board. I have been able to get the sample code to work with a brand new microSD card, but after I reformat the card using Windows XP as FAT16, the sample code no longer works.

    I started looking at DJ Delorie's fatfs implementation ...

    ... but the code references some headers that are not included.

    DJ, what does"DR" point to in your defines?

         #define     SD_DO_SET     DR[0] |= SD_DO_MASK
         #define     SD_DO_CLR     DR[0] &= ~SD_DO_MASK



  • Vestiges of a header I started writing before the iodefine.h one was published.  DR[0] is PORT0.DR

  • If anyone is still having problems reading from the SD card, try the "FatFS" implementation for RX62N:

    Here is an example of FatFS in action, streaming MP3 data from SD to a VLSI VS1002 codec:

  • In reply to Tanio Klyce:

    Hi Tanio, the link is not update. Could you help me and send me an example of streaming a MP3 from SD/FatFS to a VLSI1002 (1011), please? ( Thank you in advance.

  • In reply to Petr:

    Hi all,

    can anyone please tell me how to configure this for RSK RX111 board as I am using Renesas RXC toolchain.

    Mr. Fatih Peksenar and DJ Delorie , as it seems you have worked on it. can you please tell me how to do it for RX111 RSK board.

    Thanking You in advance.