Is the E2 Self Check Program intended for the E2 Lite?

I recently purchased an E2 Lite emulator, and installed the USB Driver for Renesas MCU Tools V2.77.00 (for 64-bit version of Windows OS) from the E2 Lite website downloads pages. After installation, a program called "E2 Self Check Program" became available. However, with the E2 Lite plugged into the USB port, the program fails to detect the E2 Lite.

I have checked that the E2 Lite shows up under Device hardware (running Windows 7 64 bit SP1).

I tried posting this a little while back but only got a reply that asked if Windows sees the E2 Lite in Devices. I'm trying again.

My questions are:

1) does this program (E2 Self Check Program) actually work with the E2 Lite?

2) If it does, then why is it not detecting my E2 Lite?

3) Are there any other utilities that i should download and install to check the operation of the E2 Lite?