Enabling virtual keyboard to enter the text/number as soon as Text box clicked.



I have a requirement to enable the Virtual keyboard pop up as soon as text box clicked to enter the text, I tried to enable using the menuconfig but not able to do it.

System configuration as below:

I am using the RZG1M board, Yocto 2.0 build environment, In my application so many text boxes are there and application is developed using GTk.


How we can enable the virtual keyboard, in order to enter the text?




  • Hi Charan,

    About showing the Weston virtual keyboard from a GTK application - I am not sure whether that is supported.

    A good example on how to show the virtual keyboard is the Weston editor client -

    You need to bind to the wl_text_input_manager in Weston and create a wl_text_input instance. After that, whenever you need to show or hide the virtual keyboard you send a 'show_input_panel' or 'hide_input_panel' event to that instance.

    I don't see any code in GTK+3 that performs these operations, that is why I don't think that Gtk has support for the virtual keyboard.


  • Hi Charan,

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