RX130 Touch sensing with Workbench6 and E2 Studio

Hi all,

I'm Hiep, totally a newbie in Renesas MCU family.

I'm working with MCU R5F51303ADFL and 4 touch keys.

I use workbench 6 and everything is ok with step-by-step following Workbench6-user's manual.

The TouchAPI project was generated and debug ok.

I tried to understand this project and have some questions.

1. The result count-key is in g_ts_result, right ?

 touch_result_t      g_ts_result;               /* Button , slider, wheel, matrix touch results */

In struct touch_result_t ; why array button only have 3 element ? 

2. When I run in debug mode. The value of fist element in button array of struct is changed. 

But it changed only press button 1. So what can I see value of the other button ??

I search in forums, it has 2 method to use CTSU: QE and Workbench6. which method is better??

Thanks and best regards,

Duong Hiep.