RZ/A1LU coe execution in external SDRAM

Hi all,

I have a project on a board based on RZ/A1LU MCU. It uses an external SDRAM chip (Micron MT48LC8M16A2P-7EIT).

I have a bootloader in the QSPI Flash (rza1l_qspi_bootloader_macronix) that copies my application code from QSPI to internal RAM. Due to the size of the application I'm running, the internal RAM is not enough and I need to execute code directly in the external SDRAM memory space.


Are there known limitations to this? As far as I understand this, the bootloader know the executable code adress range from .start and .end symbols and these are both in internal RAM. I have another version of the bootloader (rza1l_qspi_bootloader_macronix_ddr) but have poor documentation on this so I don't know if it can help.