BACNet Demo and SSP 1.4.0


I'm working on a BACNet project on the demo board provided by Renesas. In order to begin this project, I saw that it exists a BACNet Demo which works with SSP 1.1.0. 

But SSP 1.1.0 looks old now and there was a lot of new version after this one. Espacially, I'm working with SSP 1.4.0 and it seems that I can't use this Demo with this version of SSP. Also, I'm quite new with E2 Studio and SSP in general.

So I have several questions:

1) Is it possible to use BACNet Demo on SSP 1.4.0 with S7G2 board?

2) How to import BACNet library into SSP 1.4.0? And is it working?


I download everything from this link: 


Thanks in advance and have a nice day!