RZA1 VDC5 rotate problem


I have RZA1L and I have achieved to capture 704x544 BT656 interlaced image from input and recorded YCbCr422 format and also displayed.

Now I want to rotate it 90 degree I also Achieved to rotate but the size of the image changes. after I rotate I want to get 544x704 image but I could'n get it Because I

don't know how to give write frame offset size and sclae down and rotate output sizes in the SDK for camera capture project. 

To sum up I have input 704x544 image and I want to rotate and display it as 544x704 and I don' know the settings below


in graphics_sample_task.c




can you help please



  • is it Possible to rotate interlaced image with RZA1L?
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    In the RZ/A1L Hardware Manual, Table 31.20 "Settings for Field Determination Signal Control", it shows settings for rotation for Interlaced images.
    I think rotation is OK because the two fields of the interlaced image (input) are first combined before being sent to the scale-down unit. Rotation occurs after the scale-down unit when the image is being written to the frame buffer (by the scale down unit).
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    it rotates but vertical size changes to half at the output,
    for ex: when I capture 272 line (272 top field 272 bottom field=544) for each field, then at the output ı see 272 on the horizontal.
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    Have you made any progress on your project?

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  • Can you help me how to rotate 180 degree in VDC5
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    That would have to be done in software.
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    Is there any application note for following steps, beacuse in software i tried but facing issues display is not coming properlly
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    This thread was about capturing camera images using the VDC5 hardware and rotating the image as it wrote it to system RAM. The VDC5 HW does not support rotating 180 degrees for incoming camera images.

    If you are just ask about rotating a generic frame buffer image 180 degrees, that is just moving/copying pixels around in the LCD frame buffer using the CPU/software. I do not believe there is an Application Note for that as it should just be a simple 'for' loop in C code.
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    Yes Chris through c code we tried its working but our application having a LCD frame buffer update continusoly sot every time loading rotating we facing performance , so we saw RZA1H data sheet Driver itself providing 90 ,180 and 270 degree rotation so , we tried those registers setting but unable to achieve 180deg so can you help with the flow
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    To be clear, are you trying to rotate an incoming camera image that is being captured using the VDC5 input capture pins?

    The VDC5 does not have any HW rotation for standard graphic output. So if you are just trying to rotate your normal graphics output, the VDC5 cannot do that.
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    No i am not using camera input,
    I want to rotate standard frame buffer, but in RZA1H data sheet mentined we can rotate 90, 180 270 from driver .
    Please can you confirm and check.
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    The VDC5 HW cannot rotate the output image of a standard frame buffer driver.

    I think you are referring to this line in the hardware manual:
    "Video image rotation function: 0/90/180/270 degree rotation in the YCbCr422/RGB565 format"

    "Video image" means camera capture input. Meaning, it can only rotate camera images it is capturing.
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    Thanks for your confirmation chris .