RZA1 VDC5 rotate problem


I have RZA1L and I have achieved to capture 704x544 BT656 interlaced image from input and recorded YCbCr422 format and also displayed.

Now I want to rotate it 90 degree I also Achieved to rotate but the size of the image changes. after I rotate I want to get 544x704 image but I could'n get it Because I

don't know how to give write frame offset size and sclae down and rotate output sizes in the SDK for camera capture project. 

To sum up I have input 704x544 image and I want to rotate and display it as 544x704 and I don' know the settings below


in graphics_sample_task.c




can you help please



  • is it Possible to rotate interlaced image with RZA1L?
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    In the RZ/A1L Hardware Manual, Table 31.20 "Settings for Field Determination Signal Control", it shows settings for rotation for Interlaced images.
    I think rotation is OK because the two fields of the interlaced image (input) are first combined before being sent to the scale-down unit. Rotation occurs after the scale-down unit when the image is being written to the frame buffer (by the scale down unit).
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    it rotates but vertical size changes to half at the output,
    for ex: when I capture 272 line (272 top field 272 bottom field=544) for each field, then at the output ı see 272 on the horizontal.
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    Have you made any progress on your project?

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