Optimize with E2Studio 7.1

We use a large RZ/T1 (R7S910018) project with the KPIT GNUARM-NONE-EABI v16.01 Toolchain and E2Studio 5.4.

Now im trying E2Studio 7.1.

It's not possible to set Optimize Off for only one Module. Why?

Only the global Setting is working for Optimize. Tool Settings -> Optimization -> Optimization Level = -02.

Any Hints?






  • Hi chrn,

    Is this problem okay now? Have you checked the release note for v7.1.0 if something like this was mentioned?

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  • Hello, chrn.
    Does the one module have wrench marker such as described here?

    Then check for the build property in Project Explorer by right-clicking the file to see optimization option specific for the file.

  • In reply to Okra:

    Hi JB,

    i think this point is still open.

    In our 5.4 Project there are some modules where we swiched optimize off.
    They have a wrench marker in E2S 5.4

    After Import this projekt to E2S 7.1 all modules where set to optimize on (-O2)

    I can change this for the whole projekt: Tool Settings -> Optimization -> Optimization Level = -02.

    But if i right click on a module this option is not available for me.
  • In reply to chrn:

    Hello, chrn.
    > But if i right click on a module this option is not available for me.
    How about "Other optimization flags" shown as below?
    Let me show how the dialog looks like if things are different.

    Note: If multiple optimization options were given to gcc command, the last one is effective.

  • In reply to Okra:

    Hello Okra,

    yes you are right. We can set the optimize flag on this point for one module only.
    It works, i found this too.

    But the import from 5.4 did not work on this point.
  • In reply to chrn:

    The problem came up with e2 studio V6. In V6 several options (not only optimization but also warning settings, debug format, ...) moved from tool specific locations (compiler/assembler/linker specific) to common options for all tools. In e2 studio 6 and 7 such options have to be added as user defined options if a tool specific option (like file specific compiler option) is required. This cannot be handled by the project import.
  • In reply to FrankL:

    I think there are a lot of customers outside in the world wo want a importer to move a 5.4 Projekt to the newest E2S Version. Wy not making this work?
    Nobody needs a import funktion if they is not complete.
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