Capture witH ov7740 on stream it 2


I have a basic question. Can I use vdc5 input with a ov7740 caméra provided in the stream kit 2.

If it's possible how I Can Do that ?

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  • No.
    The VDC5 camera inputs do not support OV7740 format.

    To capture from a OV7740, you must use the "CEU" in the RZ/A1
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    Why the VDC5 inputs do not support ov7740 ?
    For example ov7725 support VDC5 ? What is the difference ?
    ov7670 works with vdc5 or CEU ?
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    The OV7740, OV7670 and OV7725 are 8-bit data interfaces.

    The VDC5 camera inputs only support 16-bit data interfaces for YCbCr422 capture.

    The CEU can support 8-bit or 16-bit data interfaces. So, the CEU can support the OV camera.
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    Thanks for you reply but OV7725 works with VDC5 input.
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