Unresolved symbols and errors after importing RX driver package ver.1.15


      I have imported the the drivers(r_bsp, r_gpio_rx, r_sci_rx) from "RX FAMILY RX DRIVER PACKAGE Ver.1.15"  through FIT Configurator and it shows too many unresolved symbols which are listed below. I have also tried using the Smart Configurator in e2studio the api calls are different than "RX FAMILY RX DRIVER PACKAGE Ver.1.15".

 Unresolved Symbols such as uint32_t




  • Would you mind telling us
    - which processor you use?
    - what are the versions for r_bsp, r_gpio_rx, r_sci_rx?
    - which compiler do you use?
    - which functions have you selected?
    A project with only these modules included should not generate any warnings.
    If your project generates too many warnings you have some additional sources or settings.
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    Hello Frank,
                         I am using R5A51305ADFN controller. Toolchain used Renesas CCRX v2.07.00 and IDE used E2Studio v7.00. Versions of the drivers are
    -r_bsp 3.80
    - r_gpio_rx 2.31
    -r_sci_rx 2.01


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    I create a new project for RX130.

    I add r_bsp, r_gpio_rx and r_sci_rx to the project. This automatically adds r_byteq V.1.60 to the project.

    I push "Generate code".

    I build the project.

    It builds without errors or warnings.

    uint32_t is NO definition from FIT. It is a definition from a compiler header file (stdint.h).

    Are the warnings, which you see, from the compiler (means shown in the console window on project build) or are the from the CDT (means shown in the source windows without build of the project)?

    If these are CDT warnings in the source window it means that CDT cannot find some of the compiler header files. Basically these warnings could be ignored.

    Is the directory path to the compiler include files defined as include path in the compiler options?

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    Hello FrankL

                            I have followed the steps as you have mentioned. Below are the screenshots of settings and errors. I have also attached a sample code using for uart using the driver this example code is mentioned in the document (R01AN1815EJ0201 Rev. 2.01) of the driver. The path is same as that you have mentioned.

    I would also like to know if are there any api drivers to set the clocks.






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    As FrankL has stated "uint32_t is NO definition from FIT. It is a definition from a compiler header file (stdint.h)."

    Have you checked your build path to make sure all your header files are included?

    Mike Clements
    RenesasRulz Moderator
  • Those types are defined by the language in C99, but not in the older C89. Be sure that your project is set to use C99 for the build.
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