cannot install new e2 studio

Installing on Windows 10 build 1803.  e2 Studio 6.0, RSK+RX65N-2MB for a dev board we bought.  URL is in the dev board docs.  I don't know the original date or file name of the installer, but it is 97,181 KB in size.  CRC tested against know good EXE files.

It runs for 30 minutes or so, installing, then crashes with error:

gogo: InterruptedException: sleep interruptedjava.lang.InterruptedException: sleep interrupted
at java.lang.Thread.sleep(Native Method)

Looking at the log file, there are a number (~40) of MIRRORS.XML files which could not download - for example:

I cannot access these files from the browser either, so I think they may have gone missing.  My associates had no trouble installing this 2-3 months ago.

Is there a newer version that installs?  Or, is there an offline installer for this version?


Thanks for your help.

Kit Taylor, Firmware engineer, Mitsubishi HVAC